Demons and Angels

Demons and Angels

December 30, 2016

Differences behind closed doors

Picnics at the beach

One vulnerable preteen and a few vultures

Fly like a plane on hot sands of Dubai

A teacher’s scathing words

A teacher’s consoling hugs

The socially bullied

The pageant runner-up

Violated exposure

Modesty and manners

Graphic highs

Eloquent words of piety

Airs of discrimination

Valleys of being discriminated

Hidden buttons on social media

Shared moral policing

Demons in the dark

Angels in the light

Who are you?



My Cousin Junaid – A Very Special Teacher

My Cousin Junaid – A Very Special Teacher
By Shazia Ejaz
Wednesday, April 04, 2018

His inner soul expressed
Epitomized beauty
His inner soul was mischievous
Overflowing with unrequited love

The crooked gait
The dribbling
The wandering hands
Misunderstood awkward moments

Nothing compares
Appearances become meaningless
The inner soul is outshining now

Should’ve, could’ve
He taught me more in death
Than I learned in life

A story with a moral
A deep stirring inside
A reawakening of my purpose
If only I was just as sin-free

Portrait Poem: Maadi Jaan by Mom

Portrait Poem: Maadi Jaan by Mom

September 4, 2016

He is a sensitive young man learning the ropes

He wonders what’s behind the Black Hole; if everything comes true in Paradise

He hears friends laughing and goofing

He scrutinizes shuttlecocks and badminton rackets like Inspector Gadget

He plays Assassin’s Creed as if its reality

He wants a large comfortable house in suburbia that accommodates EVERYONE

He is Maadi Jaan


He pretends to be unaware of situations that he would rather not be in

He feels guilty if he leaves home without kissing his mom goodbye

He touches hearts with his soulful recitation of the Quran

He worries if he will ever be good enough, cool enough

He cries when mom cries

He is Maadi Jaan


He understands time does not stand still

He says, “Mama Are you Happy with Me” multiple times a day

He dreams of adventures in the mountains, and at Peak’n Peak Resort

He tries to eat runny food while watching movies on the couch

He hopes he gets away with studies, but passes high school with flying colors

He is Maadi Jaan

Portrait Poem: Teedee / Teedo by Mom

Portrait Poem: Teedee / Teedo by Mom

September 4, 2016
She is my go-to person for a heart to heart
She wonders if she should follow her head or her heart as she chooses her major for college
She hears the sound of movies while she tolls away with APs and SATs in her bedroom
She sees a life in Saudi Arabia in the future
She wants no technology for her kids, like Steve Jobs
She is Teedee/Teedo, named after Terrell Davis of Denver Broncos

She pretends she is flying far far away, yet comes back home grounded, rather fast
She feels the challenges of being a “Fourth” Culture Kid
She touches people with her compassion, smile and big heart
She worries she will let her family down
She cries sometimes when people misunderstand her quiet, sensitive nature
She is Teedee/Teedo

She understands the hidden nuances and shady meanings when adults talk and don’t talk
She says she wants a real man who knows her worth
She dreams of dancing like Yanis Marshall, to a T
She tries a little too hard, not knowing that, sometimes it’s ok to let go
She hopes that people will someday respect women’s right in a cultural context
She is Teedee/Teedo

Something Has Died

Something Has Died

Jan 29, 2017

Something has died
It’s just not waking up
Could it be hope?
I smile and I laugh
I whine & I cry
I pretend –  a lot
With my heart crushed
Under a cold, cold slab
With my head numb
Under a cloud of do’s and don’ts
Will it ever beat again?
Will I ever be strong enough?
In reality, not pretense
Searching for an answer
With my eyes closed
I am losing myself
Barely afloat
As life passes me by

My Tribute to Junaid Jamshed

My Tribute to Junaid Jamshed

December 11, 2016


A poet
An inspiration
Follow your heart
Sweet bird
Carve your own path
Shut out the “good” they speak
The heart speaks louder
Give them credit
When it’s not due
Ah, Forgiveness and Mercy!
Your heart is pure
Your heart is white
It is okay to fall – a test
So long as you pull yourself up
Despite the punches
You prod along
The end is near now
The light shines bright
A warrior in the jungle
A soul departed but not defeated
You are of the Ghuraba

I am a world citizen

I am a world citizen

Written on Feb 1, 2016

I am a world citizen and I prefer Trump
I am a female and I prefer Trump
I am a Muslim and I prefer Trump
I am a Hijabi and I prefer Trump

I am tired of arm manufacturers
Who create wars
To trade ammo for lives
Forever changing the map of this world
Unlike a 120-day ban on select groups

I am tired of the media
Which equates 100 deaths there
To 10 deaths here
Which hypes on mall shootings
As if it is genocide

I am tired of McDonald’s
That kills the innocent through slow poison
That kills the innocent instantly
Only to reinvest in more wars
Legal loopholes costing precious lives